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Legal Services

Due Diligence

Due Diligence comprehends an independent legal expertise of the company’s corporate documents, as well as analysis of its activities, aimed at revealing any problems, which may have been incurred during the creation and activity of the organization.

Due Diligence includes:

- Legal expertise of documents regarding the creation and state registration of a company, including those during privatization.
- Legal expertise of a company’s constituent and internal documents regulating activities of its bodies and departments.
- Legal expertise of all transactions of a company including major deals and non-arm's length transactions.
- Legal expertise of rights on movable and immovable assets.
- Legal expertise of all transactions registered in the company shareholders’ registry.
- Legal expertise of the shareholders’ meetings as well as the company’s board meetings.
- Legal expertise of the company’s observance of the Information Disclosure Law as well as Antimonopoly Law.
- Development of recommendations on eliminating revealed breaches and on an optimal corporate business structure.

Legal business support:

- Analysis of the company’s ongoing contracts, drafting and editing all types of contacts with provision of written references.
- Consultation on civil, labor and other laws.
- Client’s Legal support at meeting with both counteragents and government and state authorities.
- Examination of internal documents issued by the company’s management (orders and detectives) on the correspondence with the RF legislation as well as providing support in their preparation.
- Administration of cases related to the real estate acquisition, alientation and division.
- State registration of securities, issues and stock.

Creation, reorganization and liquidation of legal entity

- Registration of legal entities of all legal forms at all stages from the Uniform State Registry of Legal Entities up to the state registration of securities;
- Services on reorganization and liquidation of legal entity;

Services on liquidation and reorganization (merger, annexation, division, detachment, reorganization) include preparation of documents at all stages, their submition to tax, registration and other authorities in accordance with deadlines and requirements of the legislation, as well as filing and excluding from the registry.

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