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Secretarial support and Archives

Secretarial support

Companies, which usually require secretary’s support are those:

- registered outside Moscow but maintaining business relationship with organization in Moscow and the Moscow region;
- lacking or not interested in permanent office premises and secretarial services.

Secretarial support comprehends the following activities:

- receipt of incoming calls, fax messages, e-mails, postal deliveries, documents;
- informing the client on messages and documents received;
- informing the client on the interest showed by any authority towards its activity;
- providing business communication with a formal manager appointed on the client’s request in the interests for your business;
- sendinf off messages, including reports and notifications, by courier, post, fax, e-mail or phone on the client’s request;
- providing a fully equipped working place for a limited time period and rendering assistance when preparing documents;
- providing storage for documents and stamps.

Document circulation

Competent and systematic organization of documents in circulation is the basic condition of any firm or establishment to function successfully. Correctness and timeliness of managerial decisions as well as flexibility of a reaction on the rapidly changing environment depend on efficiency, completeness and preciseness of data processing.


Archive-keeping services include filing, storage and confidential destruction of documents. We offer a wide range of services on filing and maintaining archives, writing-off and destruction of expired documents, bookbinding, external storage of a company’s documents.

We provide the following services:

- carrying out a complex analysis of the archive condition ;
- an expertise on scientific and practical value including page-by-page examination and selection of documents;
- determining a storage life for documents;
- filing documents for permanent and long-term storage;
- archiving and packing documents
- separation of documents to be destructed;
- removal and confidential destruction of documents;
- drawing up inventories of files;
- developing instructions on office work;
- developing diagrams of documents circulation.

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